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Cosmopolitan Chicken Project is the work of Belgian artist, Koen Vanmechelen. This art work takes place in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam. He wants to develop a super-hybrid chicken. Enjoy....


The Principal 2009 Prince Claus Award goes to Simón Vélez, an architect from Colombia who promotes bamboo through his works. On Wednesday he received the Award from Prince Constantijn, one of the son of Prince Claus and Queen Beatrix, in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam. Simón Vélez has been doing an amazing works with bamboo and it doesn't look like "the wood for the poor" anymore in his hands as he called it. Check it out his works through this link . The Queen Beatrix and her three sons and three daughters in-law were presence and many dignitaries from all over the world. Other thing which I want to share is my impression of the philosophy of Prince Claus Fund that Culture is a Basic Need. For someone who tries to raise awareness that development is not merely about materials, I do appreciate this statement. The Minister of Cooperation with Developing Countries, Bert Koenders. Simón Vélez Decorations in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ symbolized bamboo and pu


Most people don't want to miss this famous "fritkot" (French fries) when they visit Antwerpen in Belgium. Don't mind with a long queue in winter. . Or for famous pastries with the famous Belgian chocolates..... And don't miss the Belgian wafels, fresh from oven. Public telephone as street furniture. Stylish designed. They didn't forget to give a credit to the designers. Not everything old and grey in Antwerpen. There are shops who sell chic and colourful stuff. They are beautiful, creative and relatively expensive. On 30 August 2009 Church Sint-Carolus Borromeus was in fire. Many volunteers in Antwerpen tried to stop the fire and they managed to limit it only to some parts of the Church. It open again to public in September but the restauration is still going on until 2010. Cathedral in Antwerpen Showing paintings of the famous Belgian painter, Peter Paul Rubens Sign of protected monuments Hidden treasures of Antwerpen with old and beautiful houses on the