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I visited Iran as a tourist about 15 years ago, mainly interested in seeing with my own eyes the result of Islamic Revolution after ten years declared. One scene I saw in Teheran then, was a small boy who was crying of happiness when he got a cassette of Michael Jackson. I thought, what was the big deal with a cassette of Michael Jackson? After I wachted a film during the Iran Film Festival in Zaandam, the Netherlands, last week, I confirmed what I have thought before. That film was 'No One Know about Persian Cats'. To quote Wikipedia, "the film follows two young musicians (Ashkan and Negar) as they struggle to form a band and leave Iran shortly after being released from prison. The pair befriends a man named Nader, an underground music enthusiast and producer who helps them travel around Tehran and its surrounding areas in order to meet other underground musicians possibly interested in forming a band and later leaving the country. The film highlights many of th