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Diskusi Bulanan Pansumnet MEMBACA LIMAS, RUMAH ADAT PALEMBANG Narasumber: Ir. Ari Siswanto.,MCRP., PhD- Prodi Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik - UNSRI Moderator: Dr. Ing. Listen Prima, ST., M.Planning - Dosen Prodi Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik - UNSRI Rabu, 24 Pebruari 2021 Jam 19:00 - 21:00  WIB Media: Zoom Cloud Meeting dan Facebook Live Streaming Pendaftaran: *sertifikat tersedia sesuai permintaan Narahubung: 085262036767 (WA Only) Palembang selalu identik dengan Kerajaan Sriwijaya, Sungai Musi dan Rumah Limas. Karena letaknya yang strategis di tepian Sungai Musi, Palembang menjadi pusat pemerintahan sejak masa Sriwijaya dan  pusat berkembangnya budaya sungai seperti pertumbuhan permukiman dengan beragam jenis arsitektur rumah tradisional. Ada dua jenis rumah tradisional di Palembang yaitu Rumah Panggung dan Rumah Rakit. Rumah Panggung diantaranya: Rumah Limas, Rumah Gudang, dan Rumah Panggung (Limas) Cina. Rumah Limas tidak hanya ada di Palembang, tapi juga ada di ba


February is a special month for me. I have migrated to the Netherlands in 2005 arrived at the Schiphol Airport on 11 February. Seven years later, in 2012, I became a Dutch citizen and took an oath at the Amsterdam City Hall on 23 February.  I took those two events as crucial events of my life, together with several others. Migration and new nationality, how does it feel? Personally, I felt all processes were naturally happening as if they should have happened as a continuation of my life stories. I have met a Dutch partner, I brought my daughter to migrate to the Netherlands, and after several years I felt the necessity to have clarity for my daughter and myself about our nationalities. Both of us have Indonesian blood, nothing can and will change that, but nationality is a choice and we have chosen to be Dutch citizens.  The Netherlands is a good country to live in, factually. The facts are:  relatively well-managed basic needs infrastructure (health, education, social welfare, inform