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On Thursday 9 February, I attended an event at the World Heritage Site of Veenhuizen, Drenthe, about the research on the historical colors of Veenhuizen. I had to drive 1,5 hours but I did it, and later it turned out to be worth driving. The field of historical colors is very specific. In the case of Veenhuizen, the research was done not only about the colors of the buildings but also about the surrounding nature like trees and even the sand. The result is a publication that can be used by all stakeholders, including all owners of historical buildings there, as a guide in terms of color options.  I felt lucky to be able to attend this event, and also got a copy of the guide. It is my way of learning as an autodidact in cultural heritage.  More information about the research is here.

Indonesia and the Amsterdam School Webinar Series

 As part of the exhibition “Indonesia and the Amsterdam School”, Museum het Schip organizes a webinar series on the same subject.   The webinars aim to explore relationships between the Amsterdam School and Indonesia by inviting heritage experts, historians, architects, curators, and artists.   The webinars are organized in collaboration with Heritage hands-on, supported by Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur, Yayasan Museum Arsitektur Indonesia, and Dutch Culture.   Joining the webinars is free of charge and a certificate is available upon request.   For more info and registration   (Source: Museum het Schip)