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There is a positive movement in Indonesia for at least two decades. It is a movement to dig tangible and intangible localities: from local materials, local agriculture, to local traditions in a broad sense. Fithrorozi Belitong is one of the leading actors in the locality movement. He has been reviving and keeping the local language of Belitung alive. He writes books, organizes a youth group, and publishes e-flyers to raise awareness of identity through local language and literature. Indonesia needs more of Fithrorozi’s. The webinar is in Bahasa Indonesia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LITERASI ASAL MUASAL PULAU SUMATRA Menggali Ilmu dari Tradisi Lisan Para Orang Tua Rabu, 29 September 2021 Waktu: 19.00-21.00 WIB Pembicara: Fithrorozi (Komunitas Telinsong Budaya, Belitung) Moderator: Arry Aditsya Yoga (Belitong Geopark Youth Community) Media: Zoom Cloud Meeting dan Facebook Live Streaming (Link Zoom akan dishare melalui email sehari sebelum acara) Live Streaming di Facebook Page BWS: https://www.faceb


I often experience a fascinating situation when I discover that some people in Indonesia and the Netherlands are busy with the same thing while they do not know each other and have no contact whatsoever about the existence of the other party.  An example is the history of the tobacco industry.  The Indonesian Plantation Museums (yes, two museums!) in Medan are busy with establishing the museums and one of the content is the tobacco history in Deli, the East Coast of Sumatra. And then I visited the Nijkerk Museum, they told exactly the same thing: tobacco history, including relations with the tobacco history from Deli in the past.  Or the restoration of the Fort van den Bosch in Ngawi, East Java, by the Indonesians while I was biking regularly to the legacy of Johannes van den Bosch in the Province of Drenthe with museums, houses, and much more tangible and intangible heritage.  Historical connections are to find out later, but we have enough hints to understand that many elements conne