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The Covid19 pandemic has been going on for about a half a year now. The whole world confuses about what to do with this problem. I feel a lot of empathy for those who are deeply affected by the pandemic. I keep thinking about them each day. I also concern about my family in Indonesia. So far so good, no news is good news, although I know that Indonesians do not complain quickly. They are tough people.  In my professional life, most of the assignments are postponed or canceled. Luckily, it didn't affect me so much personally. I travel abroad less which turns out to be a blessing because I learn more about the Netherlands now by traveling more domestically. I get used to working at home, too, so the concept of working at home during the pandemic, is not new at all. I have no crisis of missing others or colleagues.  The blessing in disguise of the pandemic is that most people are forced to get used to online mode. I am thankful to be able to organize online programs or to join them an