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Spedagi Movement in Temanggung, Central Java, stole my heart. They organized a three days conference on Village Revitalization without a single plastic waste and all were based on local resources. What an amazing approach in the middle of news streams that Indonesia as the second largest waste producers in the world after China. A religious society as Indonesia? Aren't hygiĆ«ne and being clean  encouraged by all religions? Why? How? These are what Spedagi has done to avoid waste, especially plastics: Encouraged all participants to bring their own bidons; Provided drinking water in clay jars; Use various leaves and natural materials like bamboo as packaging, plates, cups and utensils.  Extra touches were quality of food and drinks that all produced by the locals with local ingredients. It comprised all elements that hips in the Western world: organic, healthy, sustainable and affordable.   Plus designs of all packaging and utensils, so unique!


I visited the social housing in Ipoh called Waller Court. This is a huge complex consists of 17 block apartements including a 15 storey tower consisting of 288 units. This complex was built in 1962 by the  Ipoh Municipal Council to house low income families. Until 2017 it is occupied by about 350 families.  The condition of Waller Court is quite deplorable. The local newspaper (Star, 9 October 2017) even called it as a haunt for drug addicts and thieves. There was a plan from the local government to demolish this huge complex and use the ground for new development of other purposes such as new flats and commercial blocks. Nevertheless, the plan is not implemented yet until end of 2018.   Waller Court is in a very strategic location and green parts of Ipoh. Despite the horror looks of the buildings, the surrounding area is very pleasant and inviting. Huge and tall trees are elegant and comforting in tropical humid climate.