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I encouraged monthly discussions amongst heritage activists and organizations around Sumatra who united in Pansumnet (Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation). Dialogue is very important and it is free. Why not? Since June, we have had consistently organized it. It was so energizing to listen to all speakers about their local activities and aspirations.


The positive side of the COVID19 pandemic is that everybody is forced to get used to the online world: meetings, seminars, and many more. For a migrant like me, the online world intensifies contacts with Indonesia. I don't have to fly 14 hours to be a speaker in a seminar or a forum. I am content with this. I think this is more environmentally friendly than the old-style way of traveling. Does the online seminar effective? For me it is. The online seminar is nothing less, it is more to the point and efficient in terms of logistics and budget.