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Lawang Sewu is one of the most beautiful historical building in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. It is belongs to the Indonesian Railway Company. Unfortunately appreciation of some people to historical buildings so far limited to a belief that spirits live in these buildings and they do activities to explore this mistical aspects. The owner has to specifically put a sign for public not to allow any mistical activities. I couldn't stand of not smiling reading this signage, but also wondering when we can appreciate a beauty for the sake of beauty itself?


On the third week of January 2010 finally our pilot project of heritage education in Yogyakarta came to an end. We organized an exhibition of the achievements of the participated schools, hosted by Karta Pustaka, the Dutch Cultural Centre in the city. It was a joyful evening with a lot of children around, playing traditional music and games and fantastic illustrations of the exhibition. We have managed to produce 21 modules for students, prepared together by the schools, Indonesia Heritage Trust and a creative team. Students were playing traditional instruments, gamelan . Tradtional game, congklak . Wayang Kardus or to be precise stereofoam puppet. Masks from coconut skin. A collection from village museum initiated by students. Traditional textile making show. Traditional game and various use of bamboo. Traditional drinks and snacks for guests. The opening ceremony by one of the student.


For our heritage education pilot program, I visited Yogyakarta regularly in the last two years. I always stayed in the unique accomodation "Hotel Mustokoweni". It is an oase in the middle of Yogya that starts to be hectic and noisy. It feels also almost like a home to stay here, in an old house which usually owned by grandparents.


Finally I can be proud to see that people in Yogyakarta and Jakarta start to campaign about bicycles. It is still in the beginning and not massal yet but it is getting there. Any good initiative should be appreciated. These are bicycles in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. It is not clear for me for whom since they are only few. My eyes caught an interesting advertising though that these bicycles were donated by PT. Wismilak which is a producer of cigarette. What is the message? Healthy and smoking? These are bicycles in the old part of Jakarta, Taman Fatahillah, mainly for having fun and not really for mode of transportation around the city. Mostly used by local tourists to have a nostalgia biking around the area. Well, at least they are there. Who knows it will improve in the future. I have seen bicycle paths in Yogya and Jakarta and some people really biked in the middle of traffic congestions. Thumbs up for them.