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I was invited to share my thoughts during the International Symposium on Water and Culture in Tokyo, 3-4 February 2020. The subtitle of the symposium was Learning from Water Heritage to Innovate Regional Development.  Basically, this was a platform to create a dialogue between experts in water and heritage. Speakers from all corners of the world gathered to share their knowledge and experience about water and culture. I have chosen to talk about traditional water management of Indonesia with case studies of Subak (Bali), Aia Adat (West Sumatra) and Pranoto Wongso (Java). Those are irrigation systems based on local wisdom and tradition that have been surviving for many generations.  Traditional knowledge as the sum of local solutions and techniques, which include farming practices, models of water management, everyday habits, artifacts and even behavior and spiritual values.  The Symposium contributed to creating a new horizon of water discussion leading to the ad