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Amsterdam is famous for its canals and old buildings but the city has also a relatively rich collection of modern architecture. One of them is Kleiburg, in Amsterdam Southeast, a building with more than 500 apartments. Kleiburg is part of Bijlmermuseum, an open-air and living museum consisting of a built environment (6 appartment buildings, 1100 meter metro viaduct, and green space) that has been built between 1967 and 1972 in the area called Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam Southeast. Since 2019 all elements and areas of the Bijlmermuseum gain status as the protected cityscape of Amsterdam.  The apartment building of Kleiburg was built in 1969 and ready in 1971.  The whole building was closed from January 2009 until 2012 for a new plan. Finally, it was destinated as a self-renovated project between 2013-2016 where buyers purchased a basic empty living space ready for renovations. All six apartment buildings in the Bijlmermuseum are renovated but Kleiburg was renovated in a different way.