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In Indonesia, there are 33 former sugar factories that are older than one hundred years. And the plantation industry echoed the glorious past when Indonesia or to be more correctly, the Dutch Indies, supplied the world with the best tobacco, tremendous amount of spices, and other commodities. A story of industrial heritage is a story of the economic history of the country intertwined with stories of culture and people. Every time I saw a former and still existing industrial site, I am excited to learn and to find out more. On the other hand, I found a few resources from the Indonesians self. Most resources come from the archives and resources of the Netherlands. It shows that industrial heritage is not on the agenda yet in Indonesia.  That is basically my motivation to promote the industrial heritage of Indonesia through ANIH, the Asian Network for Industrial Heritage, that was established in 2018 initiated by Taiwan. I would like to encourage the Indonesians, especially, about the pot