I visited Iran as a tourist about 15 years ago, mainly interested in seeing with my own eyes the result of Islamic Revolution after ten years declared. One scene I saw in Teheran then, was a small boy who was crying of happiness when he got a cassette of Michael Jackson. I thought, what was the big deal with a cassette of Michael Jackson?

After I wachted a film during the Iran Film Festival in Zaandam, the Netherlands, last week, I confirmed what I have thought before. That film was 'No One Know about Persian Cats'.

To quote Wikipedia,

"the film follows two young musicians (Ashkan and Negar) as they struggle to form a band and leave Iran shortly after being released from prison. The pair befriends a man named Nader, an underground music enthusiast and producer who helps them travel around Tehran and its surrounding areas in order to meet other underground musicians possibly interested in forming a band and later leaving the country. The film highlights many of the legal and cultural challenges independent musicians face in Iran".

This film was taken secretly in Iran and is banned in that country. The director allows public to download the film through internet, though.

I was thankful to this film to remind me that nothing should be taken for granted. Not even freedom to actualize yourself, whatever you are. The rest you may see yourself through this film.


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