Only If We Could Choose

Lately I am amazed about discussions on the media related to the background of people as if we could choose where we are born, from whom and how we look like.

Barack Obama is an example whom globally exposed by the media of being special because he is the first African American president candidate.

Yesterday, Ahmed Aboutaleb was chosen as the new Mayor of Rotterdam. Leefbaar Rotterdam, the opposition party, was against the decision because of his Morocco background. He has been living in the Netherlands since he was 16 and openly declared his loyalty to the country through his positions in politics. So far he has a good reputation and good intentions through his efforts to integrate immigrants and marginal groups into the Dutch society. But why did some people want him to deny his Moroccan identity and background? "Send his Moroccan passport by mail back to the Moroccan King," they said. What a suggestion. Why can't people just value his capacities, his records and achievements?

Identity is something that someone gets naturally. It is unfair to judge someone based on his/her identity. It is too shallow to stereotype someone based on skin colour or background, especially with negative tone. Could we choose our identity? And who says that one identity is better than the other?


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