Thursday, September 10, 2009


These days the city centre of Amsterdam is full with art elephants. In different positions and different colours. They are beautiful and attract attentions due to their sizes. I got off from my bike to read what this is all about. They are all Asian elephants! I remember my days in Lampung, Sumatra, when I drove my car and saw wild elephants from distance. My only hope was that the locals would let them to live and stop chasing them.

I admired the initiative that they do in Amsterdam. Bring the elephants to the city centre and let people support. These art elephants are really cute. Every elephant has a name and explanation.

"Over 100 art elephants form the Elephant Parade Amsterdam 2009. November 12th, all statues will be auctioned by Christie's. Net proceed will be donated to Elephant Family, the largest Asian Elephant charity in the world. Today, there are less than 4,500 elephants living in Thailand; only 1,5oo of them live in the wild."

"Support the Asian Elephant and get a chance to win a painted replica!"

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