Heritage movement in Sumatra started since 1998 with the establishment of Sumatra Heritage Trust in Medan, North Sumatra and Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation or Pansumnet. There are 14 organizations join Pansumnet as institutional partners, they are from Aceh, Medan, Nias, Padang, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, Jambi, Riau,  Palembang and Lampung. Pansumnet is the only regional network that exists in Indonesia and becomes an example for other regions.
Pansumnet organizes  regional gatherings and trainings to maintain contacts and cooperation which normally attended also by heritage organizations from other areas in Indonesia and from neigbourhood countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Singapore. Since its establishment, Pansumnet Gatherings and Trainings were held:
·         In 2000, Medan, North Sumatra
·         In 2001, Bangka, South Sumatra
·         In 2002, Padang, West Sumatra
·         In 2004, Bengkulu, Central Sumatra
·         A two years capacity building training with a start training in 2004 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra and a closing in 2006 in Bangka, South Sumatra.
The regional gatherings and trainings play important roles in keeping heritage movements alive especially in the region and in Indonesia generally. They function as well as means to attract local young professionals to get involve and improve knowledge and capacity in dealing with challenges to save local heritage.
Up to now, development of heritage conservation in Sumatra has had a significant progress although it is far from perfection. Several cities have published local regulation with a  list of protected historical buildings, establish new museums, attract private investments and become active members of the Indonesian Heritage Cities Network.
Sustainability of the network is important and the more active stakeholders, the better for continuation because capacity and possibility are more available including from financial point of view. Members of Pansumnet are institutions that were established and survive without subsidies, like any other heritage societies in Indonesia. It is almost a natural understanding and logical consequence that everyone has to be able to generate its own funding. With this condition, Pansumnet members were able to organize previous gatherings. All previous gatherings were always funded partly by its members by mobilizing local resources. Local hosts managed to arrange financial and in-kind contribution for accommodation, meals, excursions and most logistic needs. Sometimes the gatherings were humble only for members and sometimes the gatherings were expanded with some extra programs.
In 2015 Pansumnet will gather again in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. Hopefully this gathering will trigger leaderships for heritage movements in the region. 

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