I have spent three weeks in Indonesia to meet friends and colleagues in various parts of Java who are trying to put their beliefs into something tangible and real. In the words of Bram Kushardjanto from Negeri Rempah Foundation, "we use spices to explore our sense of Indonesia." His foundation has just organized a program called International Forum on Spices Route in the National Museum of Jakarta. One full week  program to explore history and potential of spices richness of the Archipelago. Almost all experts from abroad and Indonesia took part in the program in various ways: as speakers, demo leaders, field workers, activists and phylanthropists. A good begin for raising awareness how rich natural resources of Indonesia. 

Through some events, I have also encountered with Javara initiated by Helianti Hilman and Kaum initiated by Potato Head Family. Both promote food and agriculture heritage of Indonesia. Both are world class products, very high standards and the best you could get of Indonesian authenticity. Just looking at their packaging, feasts to our eyes. Tasting the food and drinks, feels like in heaven. More than anything, I am so proud that there are Indonesians who work professionally, full of pride and dedication to agriculture richness of Indonesia. They travel to all corners of the country for researches. They do assist farmers on the field to be "food entrepreneurs" in the word of Helianti Hilman. 

I am impressed with the idea of exploration of "Indonesia-ness" : proud to be Indonesians and try to promote resources of Indonesia. 

I think that happens now when the middle class grow larger, relatively young, educated and well buying capacity society. This movement might still limited in a small circle but everything starts small. In a such extensive archipelago, someone has to start somewhere. I only can hope and wish everybody goodluck with this fantastic movement. You all stay in my heart. 


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