Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I have entered the new year of 2020 with a dream. Confirmation of a dream that has been in my whole system for years: how to transform heritage societies in Indonesia to become professional organizations?

Professional in the sense that cultural heritage is recognized as a profession united in an association, with code ethics and remuneration standard. Cultural heritage professionals would be able to work fulltime officially as independent experts or attached to institutions with peace of mind to know that he or she has no worry about steady and proper income.

After more than three decades of the cultural heritage movement in Indonesia, it is time to recognize the roles and importance of heritage societies; the pioneers, the volunteers, the followers and anyone who stand up to save Indonesian heritage.

During one of the modules as the pre-PhD student at the Leiden University last week, I shared my dream to find out how to make heritage societies in Indonesia as professional entities. This dream keeps me going all these years, and will give energy to move on.

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