Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Capacity development is an effort that lasts for my whole period of interest in cultural heritage. It means in the mid1990s. It means more than 25 years and I am still doing it. I am still doing it independently because I started it in Indonesia and in Indonesia, nobody employs you if you work in the cultural heritage sector. 

In 2005 I moved to the Netherlands and I am still doing what I did in Indonesia: capacity development in the cultural heritage sector. I am still doing it independently because of the nature of my works that focuses more on the needs and characters of the cultural heritage sector of Indonesia. 

Fifteen years forward, I am content with my capacity development efforts. They can be seen on my website. They are limited and humble, but I did them all with my best intentions. Just to share a daily experience, yesterday, 25 January 2021, I had an online meeting for the Historic Urban Landscape cooperation. I saw the logo of my own affiliation (Heritage hands-on) was among other affiliations from both countries. It gave me a fine feeling. The logo didn't appear there for no reason.  

If I can say something to my younger colleagues, try to find your place as an independent person in this big world, full of competitions and jealousies. The world needs labels en entities for anyone to exist. I don't emphasize labels and entities so much, but I have learned that I couldn't present myself to the world simply just by my name and my performances. First, your affiliation, then yourself. If I could choose, first, your performance, then why you do what you do. So when you stand up on behalf of yourself, it will take a lot: persistence, performance, and perseverance. And, time! Of course, quite a number of people in the world have chosen to be themselves with their own affiliations. Those who believe more in the essences than packaging. They are my inspirations. 

Entering 2021, I will continue my passion for capacity development in the cultural heritage sector. There is a lot to be done, a lot to be learned. 

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