Tuesday, March 09, 2021


Several years ago I was at NAi (the old name of the New Institute, Rotterdam) for a meeting. When I  was walking to the exit door passing by the library, all of sudden, I saw a picture of a palm tree on a desk library. My tropical DNA instinctively rang and I shouted, "Palm tree!" The man who was using the reference book looked up and smiled. 

That man was Obbe Norbruis who becomes a good friend of mine. When he was in the library, he tried to collect information about the architecture bureau Hulswit-Fermont-Cuypers in the Dutch Indies. He wrote two books about the subject in Dutch and now they are also available in English. 

The launching of the English version is tomorrow, 8 March 2021. 

I am lucky to bump into a friend like Obbe. He is diligent and perseverant in following his passions to write something that he thinks will be useful for the shared heritage of Indonesia and the Netherlands. 

Besides a good writer, he is also a good speaker. I listened to his presentations and every time I never got bored to learn new things. 

Good luck Obbe, thanks for your friendship and keep sharing. 

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