For a heritage movement that is relatively new like in Indonesia, an investment in human resources is one of the strategic approaches. It will deliver human resources who understand correctly why heritage is important for the development of a country. It will also ensure that the heritage movement will last longer and more sustainable. 

The investment could be in any form: traineeship, internship, formal and informal education, courses, and a lot of site visits and traveling. I have been doing all of those methods from the very beginning of my heritage endeavor, for example in Sumatra through Sumatra Heritage Trust, and in Indonesia in general through my consulting bureau. 

That is also the reason why I am enthusiastic to support in any possible ways for the young colleagues who visit the Netherlands to learn more about heritage, directly or indirectly. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, guests came regularly. During the pandemic in 2021, so far I only received one guest, that was Anita Halim. She is an architect who is taking a master's degree in Amsterdam. We met before during the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Workshop in Banjarmasin in 2019. We had a walking discussion as many people do during the pandemic. It was refreshing to listen to the opinions of a young colleague like her. She involved in several conservation projects in Jakarta before and passionate about the economics of heritage.  

I do hope there will be more Anita Halim in the near future.


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