Heritage Webinar Series #5
Voices of Indonesia

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
13.00-15.00 CET or 19.00-21.00 WIB

Discussion is in English

The "Spice Route" Narratives as a Medium for Production of Knowledge

Kumoratih Kushardjanto
Chairperson of Negeri Rempah Foundation

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Heritage hands-on, Indonesian Diaspora Network the Netherlands (IDN-NL), and IDN Liveable Cities (IDN-LC).

Hasti Tarekat

Spices became a reason for European trading vessels to come to the Indonesian archipelago. It was the history of survival, competition, violence, and repression.

Fast forward to the 21st century. How do the Indonesians interpret this history and what do they want to do with it? Negeri Rempah (Spices Land) Foundation is one of the leading players in promoting narratives of spices history amongst the Indonesians, especially the young generation.  They also work together with government officials on how to translate the history of the spices into structural policies and programs.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia officially initiated the Spice Route proposal as the World Heritage to UNESCO. This initiative was under the auspices of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy and the Directorate General of Culture.

In line with the vision of President Joko Widodo to position Indonesia as the global maritime fulcrum in 2045, the legacy of the maritime spice route has been acknowledged as a means of cultural exchange and intercultural understanding. It brings together various ideas, concepts, knowledge, and experience between people across nations. This maritime cultural heritage has become increasingly important to be addressed.

 The speaker is Kumoratih Kushardjanto, Chairperson of Negeri Rempah Foundation, it is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness to learn and obtain knowledge about Indonesian diversity through educational and cultural activities. One of its missions is to provide the platform for innovative knowledge exchange and intercultural understanding, while simultaneously promoting multiculturalism through Spice Route as one of the world's cultural and natural heritage which still has its relevance in the contemporary context. More information

 Keywords: spices history and narratives, maritime heritage, World Heritage nomination


Heritage Webinar Series
Voices of Indonesia
Third Wednesday of each month

 Indonesia and the Netherlands share a history that is still alive today and cherished in both countries. It is important to build understanding about the shared history that has many facets. To be able to achieve the understanding, regular communication through a webinar series will be helpful.

 Second, the webinar series is mainly to share voices from Indonesia to the Netherlands to update the general public and heritage professionals in the Netherlands about the latest development of shared heritage in Indonesia.

Hopefully, the webinar series contributes to bilateral relations between the two countries in the effort to build bridges between the two countries.


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