A New Life for the White House of Weltevreden

Heritage Webinar Series #6 
Voices of Indonesia

A New Life for the White House of Weltevreden

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
13.00-15.00 CET or 19.00-21.00 WIB

Discussion is in English



Nadia Purwestri & Arya Abieta IAI

Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur-PDA (Center for Architecture Documentation)

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Heritage hands-on, Indonesian Diaspora Network the Netherlands (IDN-NL), and IDN Liveable Cities (IDN-LC). Contact: Hasti Tarekat (heritage@idn-lc.nl)

The headquarters of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, A.A. Maramis Building in Jakarta used to be called the White House of Weltevreden. Weltevreden was a southern suburb of old Batavia. The construction was started in 1809 with the intention to build a private residence of Herman Willem Daendels (1808-1811). The construction stopped for a while in 1811 and continued in 1826 by du Bus de Ghisignies for about two years until it was ready for use. The building hosts offices from the beginning and has never been used as a private residence. Now, at the north entrance of the main building, you can still see a plaque that reads MDCCIX – Condidit Dendels – MDCCXXVIII – Erexit Du Bus.

The Indonesian Ministry of Finance has been initiating the renovation since 2000 and finally could start the renovation in 2019. It is planned to be fully renovated in summer 2022. This is another example of initiatives to renovate historical buildings fully initiated and funded by the Indonesian government.

PDA involves in the renovation process from the beginning as historical researchers and documentation experts. The speakers will share stories about the dynamics of the renovation process, including challenges and efforts dealing with new development.

Keywords: shared heritage, historical building, Batavia


 Heritage Webinar Series: Voices of Indonesia

Third Wednesday of each month

Indonesia and the Netherlands share a history that is still alive today and cherished in both countries. It is important to build understanding about the shared history that has many facets. To be able to achieve the understanding, regular communication through a webinar series will be helpful. 

Second, the webinar series is mainly to share voices from Indonesia to the Netherlands to update the general public and heritage professionals in the


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