Shared Culinary Heritage

Lately I had a lot of discussions with my heritage contacts about shared culinary heritage between Indonesia and the Netherlands. We want to do something about it because it is fun, enjoyable and touch everyday life of everyone in both countries. Besides, it is not part of heritage that has been much discussed so far.

Everyone both in Indonesia and the Netherlands can easily mention something that possibly crosses both cultures. During the Moslem's festivity in Indonesia, almost every house has kaastengel or naastar. And in the Netherlands, you can buy spekoek (lapis legit) or sambal in every corner of a city. Those are only a phenomena on surface but deeper it actually reflects a long history, bitter or sweet, between the two countries. We could have hundred conferences and never-ending discussions about history but what we eat from day by day is happening without force from any side. People simply eat and cook what they like. If the Indonesians still make bitterballen and croquette until now that because they like them. If the Dutch loves nasi goreng and rijstaffel, that also because they find them delicious. History? No need to discuss history on the dinner table, just enjoy. But aren't all those food a true reflection of what has happened in the past?

To be back to the fun side, I shared with you some pictures from my favorite bakery "Sweetheart" in Bandung that I took two weeks ago. And a picture from Kebon Kawung Street about that Klappertaart. When I saw all these cookies I wondered if I ever flew 14 hours from Amsterdam to Bandung?


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