I like Vinkeveen because it is surrounded by water : lakes and canals. Everywhere you go you see water. Not only water but beautiful water surroundings. This week they organize the summer party for community which basically a traditional market and a party fo children.

What amazed me is that the local government works hard to market Vinkeveen during the summer. They publish a brochure which everyone can find something interesting to do almost everyday. Mostly related to water activities. To see how Vinkeveen is a relatively small village, these marketing efforts should be appreciated. Probably something common in Holland, but not in Indonesia. The main idea is that every place no matter small it is has something to offer.

Traditional snack : poffertjes

Another traditional snack : Olliebolen (usually for the New Year Eve party, not summer, but who cares?)

In most programs for children in Holland, face painting is popular.

...and this an example of multicultural society, a Dutch girl got her hair done in an African hair style.

Attractions for children : all are free.

I think cities in Indonesia should learn how to put children on priorities and provide more opportunities for them to enjoy their childhood, for free. Make every city as a children friendly city. I know I have said this before but I will keep saying it everytime I see a good example.


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