Exhibition Nijkerk and the Dutch East Indies

Exhibition Nijkerk and the Dutch East Indies

The exhibition 'Nijkerk and the Dutch East Indies' can be seen in Museum Nijkerk until March 2023. 

For the first time, the story is told of a small town's ties to the world's fourth-largest country by population. 

In the exhibition 'Nijkerk and the Dutch East Indies', visitors walk through the history of the Indonesian archipelago and stop at those events that are related to the city of Nijkerk. There appear to be many Nijkerkers who have worked in the Indies, from plantation owners and lawyers to teachers and soldiers and their families.

It has been an honor for me to be guided by the Curator, Saskia van den Berg, to enjoy the exhibition and to listen to the stories behind it. 

There is a strong tie between Nijkerk with plantations in the East Coast of Sumatra, Padang, the Eijkman Institute (a Nobel prize winner), and many more. 

I have had a small contribution by introducing Siedjah or Siebrigje Bremer, a Dutch school teacher who grew up in Nijkerk and went to the Dutch Indies in 1924. She taught in Ambon, Java, and Aceh, and voluntarily gave free lessons to the local children. A book about her, Siedjah, written by her son named Nico Vink, has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia titled "Siedjah, Melintasi Tapak Batas Kepicikan Kolonial". 

It is a small exhibition in a small town with a long history and memories that lasts until today. 


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