On Monday, 23 March, as part of a conference, I joined a night tour in Mechelen, Belgium, to see artworks using lights from neon to LED. These artworks give a new dimension to places where history has left its marks: streets, squares and gardens. I myself felt entertained by these artworks; it was nice to know that artists could be very imaginative and creative. As the guide said the idea of Contourlight is creating a teaser for the Mechelen historic centre before the big summer festival. I imagine if historic city centers in Medan or Bandung or Jakarta could create another sort of teasers also, even in the evening when traffic is calmer and temperature is not burning. Just to have some ideas :

Mischa Kuball (DE)Walk and Talk, 2009 (spots, revolving mirrors, voices, red carpet)

Kuball likes to make hidden aspects of the city visible by means of small changes. Here he discovered the so called Klapgat (chat hole), a dark alley where many inhabitants not only walked and talked but also enjoyed fleeting episodes of love. Kuball creates a stage where spots and sounds circle around in search of the lovers.

Jan van Munster (NL)Circle of Energy, 2009 (steel, Perspex, LEDs, computer; diameter: 600 )
High above the houses the artist has installed a circle that appears to be about to roll away from the roof terrace of the former hospital across the street. By day it’s an elegant silvery grey form that radiates calm. At night it comes to life in a whirling glow of blue, green and red, symbolizing the energy of the city.

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