Our regular family holiday destination is Texel, an island in the north part of the Netherlands, about 1,5 hours driving from Amsterdam. We have to take a 15 minutes boat trip at the end of the journey which create a sense of holiday despite the fact that it is relatively short distance.

Texel is "only" about 16 thousands hectares with 13 thousands people. What makes it special is its traditional atmosphere with farming lifestyle everywhere. You can buy potatoes, flowers, eggs or strawberries on the street simply by putting some coins in a can and nobody watch you. The trade is purely based on honesty as if it has been done in the past when this world is full of trust and nobody cheated. The view is farming as far as you can see with farm houses and several village enclaves : Den Brug (the capital), De Koog, Den Hoorn, Oosterend, De Waal, Oudeschild and De Cocksdorp. They are village's centres which are small but offer quite a lot : old buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes and cultural happenings.

Around Texel we can do a lot : swimming on beaches or indoor, horse riding, visiting the Ecomare - seals rehabilitation centre, biking, going to fruit and vegetable gardens where you can harvest them yourself, cow milking and cheese making, tandem jumping from an airplane and the list doesn't end here.
But why do we go to Texel regularly? It is a family tradition since Harm's childhood. Now he inherited it to Dian and I. Even the boat trip is part of the tradition with a cup of coffee and "gevoelde koek" ( a cookie with almond filling.) Being a tradition, Texel offers a sense of place for us, a feeling of well being and refreshing everytime we visit it.


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