I do hope that museums in Indonesia will actively participate in International Museum Day, 18 May 2010. Especially because the theme this year inspired by the Eastern cultures : social harmony. The ICOM, organizer, put it beautifully about the social harmony, "to agree but to stand out, to look for common ground but to keep the difference."

This is the link to the International Museum Day. It contains worth reading articles.

I think we have to stop to make museums as holy places. Quiet, serious, heavy. Why not make museums as lively, jolly and cozy places? Places where people look forward to go to. Places where come first to people's mind when they need a place to meet their friends. Places to spend Friday evening. This idea only works when museum are complemented with activities and facilities besides collections.

A museum in Amsterdam, Hermitage, closer to my thought about lively museum. It has a representative restaurant and nice coffee shop to relax. The museum opens every Wednesday until 8pm but the cafe and restaurant open until 1 am six days a week.

This museum is in an old building, too, like Museum Fatahillah in Jakarta. The difference is -on my observation- the atmosphere. Both are almost exactly in the same situation. Close to canal, but canal in Amsterdam is relatively free of waste and in Jakarta Kota is black. Both are in the city centres, but around Hermitage is less car and Jakarta Kota has acute traffic and noise. Building of Hermitage was re-design in a fresh contemporer interior and Fatahillah keeps its dark and gloomy impressions. All what I want to say is : we can have two same things but the results are different.

(Poster : ICOM)


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